Course Modules

Module 1: "Employees are Everything" 1-Hour Session w/ Worksheets

You can't do it alone. You could, but you would severely limit your business growth potential. You have to have quality people to replicate yourself. Employees are everything.

Module 2: "Assess & Recruit" 1-Hour Session w/ Worksheets

Hiring "warm bodies" in the entertainment business is a recipe for disaster. Before hiring even begins, you must assess your employment needs and core values.

Module 3: "Pre-Interview, Interview & Auditions" 1-Hour Session w/ Worksheets

Theme parks don't do interviews, they do auditions. The auditioning process is terrifying to the prospects and is quite possibly the worst time to learn about the candidate. It's time to flip that old system on it's head.

Module 4: "Group Orientation" 1-Hour Session w/ Worksheets

Before employees ever set foot on the job, they need to fully understand what they are doing. We use a mandatory group orientation meeting, with our special twist, to make sure they want to do what must be done.

Module 5: "Employee Expectations Part 1" 1-Hour Session with Worksheets

The hardest expectation for an employee to meet? The unspoken one. We get very specific about why we do things, how we do things and EXACTLY what is expected of a new employee, before they ever clock-in.

Module 6: "Employee Expectations Part 2" 1-Hour Session w/ Worksheets

A job description is one thing, but the expectation of exactly how a job is to be completed by the employee is another. Got a late policy? Cell phone policy? You get these key policies and many more after this week.

Module 7: "Incentives & Training" 1-Hour Session w/ Worksheets

You'll spend thousands on advertising to find new clients, then bring them to your farm where under-trained staff disappoint, or worse, anger your guests. It's time that vicious cycle ends. Employee training and rewards should come from your marketing budget. We show you how we do it.

Module 8: "Skills & Exception Customer Service" 1-Hour Session w/ Worksheets

Skills degrade over time. We show you a plan to make it fun to keep quality service by having your crew re-train each other. Finally, your crew can't give 110%, 100% of the time. We show you how instilling a culture of making exceptions can make for exceptional service.

Other Agritourism Operators Share Employee Challenges

Part of the Boot Camp program is online class, part is worksheets and guidelines you complete each week to build and customize the program for your business, part of the program is the networking and camaraderie of working through questions each week in a special, exclusive Facebook Group for this class.

You and the other participants can work through problems, ask questions and post homework for review by your peers in a confidential environment specifically for you.

Think you're alone? We asked operators just like you to share their biggest employee challenges. Here are just SOME of the responses from SOME of the people you'll be meeting and working with during the course.

Do any of these real life employee problems sound familiar?

"Scheduling, Expectations"

"Employee hiring and training is improving. We still need more information on training and motivating employees."

"High turnover, hard time keeping teenagers through off season when hours cut back."

"[They] don't return for following season."


"Performing a given task in a way that is excellent as opposed to okay."

"Keeping employees motivated."

"Training so many people in such a short period of time."

"We are not good at clearly defining expectations of our employees."

"Locating and finding enthusiastic employees."

"How to motivate staff"

"Finding enough (quality) employees"

"Lack of taking initiative."

"Teaching employees to look for opportunities to enhance a visitor's experience."


"Employees who can't communicate well with the public and/or say the wrong things!!!"

"People/kids who want to work and are capable of understanding what is to be done."

"Understanding what I as the employer expects from the employee. More [problems] but you don't have the space!"

"Finding people who are motivated to engage the guests and sell the ride or attraction."

"Scheduling a month out to make sure we're covered."

"Making sure employees are doing their jobs correctly."

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